Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecertio?

Ecertio is an online learning platform where you can learn in-demand skills to grow your career. Courses also award certificates which you can use on your resume to increase your job prospects.

When does Ecertio launch?

Ecertio is currently in early access and available to an extremely limited number of users, for testing and QA purpose. Public launch is planned for Summer 2021.

What is the difference between Level A Certificates, Level B Certificates, and Level C Certificates?

Level A courses teach you a specific skill or set of skills. Level B courses cover a wider array of skills, for instance all sets of skills needed by a position. Level C courses encompass a full spectrum of skills needed for a certain career pathway.
For example, in the Administrative path, "Essential Excel Skills for Business" is a Level A Course which focuses on Excel, "Office Analytics" is a level B course which covers the whole set of reporting and analytics for the office, while "Office Management" encompasses the whole spectrum of skills needed to successfully manage an office.

How long does it take to complete each course?

Courses can be taken at your own pace, and time to complete them will vary. In general,

  • Level A Certificate: 3-8 days
  • Level B Certificate: 1-5 weeks
  • Level C Certificate: 2-3 months

How much will it cost?

Pricing is yet to be determined but we strive to make it affordable and competitive compared to other platforms. You will be able to enroll in individual courses or choose a plan that gives you unlimited access.

I am unemployed, can I get a discount?

To help those who are unemployed get a job and secure their future, and with partnership with, all those who enroll (and who are already enrolled) in the Employment Workshops ALL ACCESS program will receive a FREE voucher for unlimited access for a year to all Ecertio courses! (a $399 value!)

How do I get my voucher?

Voucher will be emailed to you by once Ecertio launches, which is scheduled for Summer 2021. Check the email you used to register. If you did not receive it, email

Is the voucher transferable?

Voucher is non-transferable. Registered name when creating your Ecertio account must match the name used on

What's the best way to stay updated on Ecertio's launch date, courses, and more?

Follow @ecertio on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop.

I have more questions

We will be updating the FAQ with more questions as we near launch date. Also, feel free to email us at